Safe Women’s Project

Safe Women’s Project is run by Women on the Frontline Ministries and one of our aims is to serve, offer help, advice and practical support to vulnerable women and those who are either in or wanting to escape working in the lifestyle of prostitution or any other form of the sex industry.

It is our aim to help these women to see how valuable they are to God and to encourage them to live fulfilling lives that is filled with opportunity whilst still maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

How We Help

We help transform the lives of women to see how valuable they are and what hinders them from moving forward in life.
That women feel confident the project provides a safe secure environment for them to visit, be comfortable in engaging with service provision.
That women will feel empowered to exit prostitution and try new things, develop new skills and abilities in order to engage back within the community
For women to gain a healthier well balanced lifestyle, emotional, spiritual and physically.
To raise awareness and promote understanding of issues involving sexual exploitation within the community.

We provide a drop-in service as a safe haven in order to provide more one to one practical help and support,housing advice, accompanied visits to appointments, advocacy and make referrals as required. A drop-in provision also at night.
We provide an outreach service at night on the streets, offering hot drinks, gift bags, listening ear, care and compassion, information on other service provisions.
Building good partnership relationships with other organisations.


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Launching New Website Watch this space we will be launching a new Safe Women’s Project website as new link from this ministry.    

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