Penny’s Story

True Story

A true story of Penny (not real name) Penny met us whilst we were on outreach and was focused on the gift bags we were carrying because she really wanted one, that was the beginning of a good friendship that built up on trust and transformed a life. Penny had found herself in prostitution due to extreme unfortunate circumstances, became addicted to drugs, lost her daughter in care so was living a life of guilt, shame and no hope. We were there to encourage her, help build her confidence to make change in her life, she found her faith again in God, went into rehabilitation, she is now free from drug abuse and has been clean for 2 years, she has recently passed a diploma in health and social care and enjoys her hobby of making cakes.

Her journey continues now in 2016 4 years still clean from the lifestyle of drug abuse and being involved in street based prostitution. Currently working. Penny has also since re-united with her daughter that was taken into social services over 10 years ago, the meeting as you could expect had some deep emotions going on but for Penny this was an amazing day in her life and what she dreamed about for many years, and she is so proud that her daughter is doing so well currently studying at University. We thank God. Penny is now in preparation for her wedding day. This is an amazing testimony and journey of a life of a young woman who thought there was no hope for her and yet God intervened and made a difference for all things are possible with Christ Jesus.